Nakshi/Nagas jewelry speaks more about traditional, intricately crafted jewelry which is inspired by South Indian Gods and Goddesses, also known as Temple Jewelry. Our heritage jewelry is also called "temple jewelry" and is inspired by motifs and designs found in the ancient temples of South India. These jewelry pieces are known for their detailed crafted designs as they involve complexity to get the required shape.
Nakshi jewelry has its own beauty owning ethnicity and close detailing (perfectly crafted facial outlines of gods and goddesses, curvatures of the deities' body parts, key adornments like garlands and pedestals etc., This jewelry is mostly exquisitely crafted heritage pieces. Nakshi Jewelry is carved with depictions of gods and goddesses, inspired from the temples in south India are truly an art of work. Available as necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings, chokers & kamarbandhs. 


It is considered that people who prefer to make an impression and stand out from the rest opt for statement jewelry. Every jewelry piece at Navishka's is worthy of making a statement piece.

The craft that goes into making Nakshi jewelry is very detailed and requires immense focus and experienced hands to give it the perfect shape. Based on the complexity involved to make the piece, an individual piece could take anywhere between 3 days to 30 days or more.

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Bridal ornaments hold a special place in every woman’s heart. They come loaded with beauty and sentiment. A bride isn’t completely dressed unless she adds a little classic allure of temple jewelry to her outlook. This kind of jewelry is especially for special occasions when it is supposed to be quite heavy and gorgeous, which is what you can expect from our Nakshi Collection.

You can now buy beautiful bridal and casual jewelry in the comfort of your home, office or while commuting to different destinations. Now that you feel like adding one to your jewelry collection, what’s there to wait for? Check out our Nakshi collection and make your choice to place your order today.


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